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Investment Philosophy

Your investment strategy is customized based on your risk tolerance, risk capacity, time horizon, other assets, and tax-efficiency.

The focus is on your financial goals and income needs, rather than on market performance.

There is as much value in guiding and managing investor behavior as there is in investment performance.

Chris’s investment philosophy is focused on the fee-based advisory platform.

Fee-based advisory services may benefit you in the following ways:

  • Due diligence process in investment selection, asset allocation, sector diversification
  • Access to more cost efficient investments
  • Fund managers specializing in their respective investment areas
  • Fully diversified asset allocation portfolio
  • Investment flexibility: ETFs, Mutual Funds, Index Funds
  • Strategic diversification based on market trends
  • Objectivity
  • Transparent, simplified, steady fee, based on account value- no up front sales charge
  • Ongoing client meetings and service across all areas of financial planning as needed
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