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Financial Planning

Comprehensive financial planning is most often done by those nearing retirement or with significant assets to consider.
However, it’s important for those just starting out as well. What better time to consider your goals and to start down the path to achieving them than when time is on your side?

Chris uses the 7-step process recommended by the Certified Financial Planner™ Board of Standards:

Step 1:  Understand your personal and financial circumstances

This is where Chris will collect your information-everything needed to put together an effective plan.

Step 2:  Identify and prioritize your goals

What do you want your future to look like?  Retire early?  Buy a vacation home?  Travel to see family?  Chris will help you identify what you value.

Step 3:  Analyze current situation and potential alternatives

Chris will determine if you’re on the right track in your current situation and also consider pros and cons to different scenarios and how they may impact you.

Step 4: Develop recommendations

Looking at every aspect of your life and finances, recommendations will be made to help you achieve your goals. 

Step 5: Present the recommendations

We will meet to review the recommendations. Many financial plans can be pages and pages of numbers.  Chris believes in presenting this clearly and concisely, and objectively laying out the pros and cons of the recommendations.

Step 6: Implement the recommendations

With Chris’s guidance, you will decide what recommendations to implement and how they should be implemented.

Step 7:  Monitor & update progress

Once the recommendations are put in place, you and Chris will agree on how and when to monitor the plan.  As life changes, past goals may need to be updated also.

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